About A-Thai-5  ...
the behind-the-scenes story,, and what it all means..!

A-Thai-5 Restaurant & Takeaway was born out of the owner's long-held dream of owning her own restaurant after spending several years working in the kitchens of others.

Commencing more than fifteen years ago in her native Thailand, Anong established her own little market stall, where she made and sold the popular "Som Tum" - green pawpaw / mango salad, noted for its extreme heat that even sees the locals gulping down vast quantities of water as they consume this dish. It has even been said that this dish can be so hot (chilli) that it raises the hair on monk's heads..!

On migrating to Australia, Anong worked in a number of established and popular Thai restaurants until late-2010, when the opportunity presented itself to purchase her own business and deliver an authentic taste experience to the local community of Brisbane, Australia - in Mitchelton.

Acquiring a business that had previously been a Thai restaurant was a good decision, insofar as the telephone number was transferred to her and helped to maintain a level of continuity with their past patrons.  Local customers also knew the location of their "local" Thai restaurant. Given that the former business had been operating for some ten years also was a double-edged sword: introducing a loyal number of patrons instead of starting from scratch, so to speak, but with that, also inheriting worn out equipment and furniture, etc, thus bringing both benefits and also other costs. The most significant improvement was in installing high-energy woks, which are the staple of all Thai cooking, used for soups, omelettes, stir fries and steaming seafood and so on.

This also meant that the output from the kitchen increased three-fold allowing for meals to be cooked more efficiently, locking the flavours inside, rather than them being lost due to prolonged heat caused from slower cooking over a conventional stove.  This also provides the ability to service more clients than was previously possible.  With the woks also came a change in the food's texture, now being able to deliver cooked, yet crisp and crunchy vegetables, while meats, etc. are soft and tender.

A-Thai-5 today is essentially a family affair, and is now cementing its place in the local food precinct while gaining new and repeat business from all those who know and enjoy the exciting tastes of authentic Thai cuisine.

And so, what's in a name..?  Just how did the name "A-Thai-5" come about..?

This is a common question that arises from our customers

In endeavouring to express the authentic nature of the cuisine, we felt it was necessary to recognise the discerning factors that set Thai food apart from its neighbours - the famous 5-tastes, of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and hot..  It is the skilful application and blending of these taste that distinguishes a chef from a cook..!  In Thailand, this is a skill most commonly passed from mother to daughter and from a very early age.

And as far as the "A" is concerned, well, this was a much harder decision.

In trying to portray.the quality and taste experience itself, all the common superlatives were explored: Authentic - true, but unimaginative; Amazing - true, but already taken; Aroy ((Thai for 'delicious') - again true, but unclear; and Anong (her own name). In the end, we could have used Anong's Authentic Amazing Aroy Thai 5 Tastes, but we simply shortened it to A-Thai-5...and so now you know,,!

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