Understanding A-Thai-5's menu helps in enjoying our dining experience ...
aroy mark mark... now that's for sure..!

Many people seem fazed by the complexity of the names used on Thai menu, and yet once the basic structure is understood, it is really quite easy to navigate yourself through a Thai meal. 

The easiest way to explain the more common terms is to list them alphabetically, so here goes...

Aroy Delicious Beow Sour
Gai Chicken Gang Curry
Gleua Salt Goong Prawn
Gratium Garlic Hoi Kraeng Scallop
Hoi Narngrom Oyster Kem Salty
Khai Egg Khao Rice
Khing Ginger Krapow Basil
Khum Bitter Mapraow Coconut
Mark Very Moo Pork
Naam Water Nuum Milk
Neua Beef On Baby / Young
Pad Stir Fry Ped Duck
Pet   Hot (Spice) Plaa Fish
Prik Chilli   Ron Hot (Temperature)
Prik Thai Peppercorn Wan Sweet
Yen Cool or Cold Yum Salad

Should you have any questions surrounding our meals, please do not hesitate to ask...while we are happy to share such information, we must, of course, keep some things "secret", just to ensure you keep coming back for them.

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